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FA Cup winning trips


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Beach Football

Always worried about scoring an own goal when it comes to holiday booking? We’ve got fun tips inspired by the finalist footballers of Watford and Manchester City to help find your squad a place to rest tired legs.

⚽ Holiday in good Kompany

On the continent you could socialise seaside in a lovely Greek Taverna or pick your party on a Spanish Costa.

See Spain    See Greece

⚽ Find a Sterling resort

If you love the all-inclusive lifestyle and a place to switch off in the off-season we think you’d love Turkey’s delightful Turquoise Coast or some Cypriot hospitality.

See Turkey    See Cyprus

⚽ Pick Stones or sandy beaches

You might struggle to have a kick about on the pebbles, but for sunbathing you can’t go wrong with sandy or stony shores. We have plenty of seaside destinations worth shouting about.

See sun-soaked Rivieras

⚽ Avoid Gray skies

No-one wants their holiday to be a wash out, so why not go where the rain falls more frequently? We’ve got sun spots you can make the most of all year round.

Where to find sun all year long

⚽ Get on your Troy Bikeeney...

Watford’s captain knows where the net is. And the net is a great place to find any poolside holiday planning. Use our schedule to see where you could go and when.

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