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United Arab Emirates


Start your Arabian adventure in the desert oasis of Dubai. There you can find a city built to celebrate all that is luxurious. And it celebrates in style with some of the world’s most iconic attractions, hotels and shopping. After all that, relax on 15km of majestic coastline. Shaped like a palm tree, the spectacular man-made islands Palm Jumeirah are also a must see.

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Find yourself in a neon-lit metropolis that still keeps its cultural traditions alive. Japan’s capital supplies more quirky nightlife, Michelin star sushi and evergreen historical sites than you’ll ever manage to fit into one trip. Take a mesmerising trip to the Shibuya Crossing to witness an average of 1000 people crossing at every light change - it’s the busiest intersection in the world!

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Washington, D.C.

Visit the iconic home of the United States of America. Capitalise on the chance to see some of the world’s most recognisable attractions, like the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument.

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Head to Canada’s delightful city that sits right on the edge of stunning nature. You can savour the scenic backdrop, whale-watching, thrill of a wilderness adventure and a horse-drawn tour of Stanley Park.

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