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Izmir harbour


New route: İzmir 

Head to a glorious sun-spot on the Aegean Coast with a Jet2holiday to İzmir in Turkey. Loved by Alexander the Great, Izmir was once a key stop on the Silk Road and still keeps the trading spark alive in its bustling markets. Make your stay by the pool in one of the many relaxing resorts set right by the sea. 

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River and mountainside Innsbruck


New route: Innsbruck

It's quaint, it's cosy and it's surrounded by huge mountains. Innsbruck's alpine location makes it ideal for unhurried hiking treks and long walks. It's home to spectacular scenery and relaxed boat trips, making it very popular for those that love the great outdoors.

Whilst the picturesque nature is a huge draw, the city of Innsbruck is not to be missed.

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